How To Hide Apps On Android Without Rooting 2020

By | February 3, 2020

How To Hide Apps On Android Without Rooting 2020

Focal points of Dialer Vault hid applications:

– Notice bar information tips, simply show the standard analyst’s image

– Check phone system settings, the application name is Calculator+ (not application hider)

– When Checking late applications, the application name is Dialer Vault(not application hider)

Dialer Vault can help you with concealing any application.Also Dialer Vault gives hid picture work,

Application Characteristics:

1.Hide all presented applications (No ROOT Obtaining)

3.Supports hiding any applications used on compact phones(Easy route conceal applications)

4.Hidden application can be used in the Dialer Vault, similarly use the standard interface in the phone.

5.Open the application basically standard analyst , if don’t understand mystery key can’t use the Dialer Vault.

6.Hide Notifications ,give cautioning in 3 mode all/basically number/none

7.Hide applications from recents

8.Gallery Module to stow away photos/pictures(Protect your secret photos/pictures,avoid others find them)

9.Add exchange approach to hiden camera(use the hider’s worked in camera to take private photos)

10.Hide Videos and play Videos

11.Hide Apps On Android Without Rooting

How to use Dialer Vault?

The main go through to start or in a verified state, needn’t waste time with pin can enter the Dialer Vault.Open the application to set the mystery expression.

How to conceal photos to Dialer Vault?

Snap the application hider interface show image use the ‘Show Module’, incorporate ‘input coordinator name’ to make envelope and select pictures or individual photos,

How to add application to Dialer Vault?

In the covered show interface click incorporate application button, you can see the phone inside the application, select the application to add to the Dialer Vault-App Hider, click the import applications button.

How to eradicate applications from Dialer Vault?

In the concealed applications interface long press the concealed application, drag the application to the eradicate image to delete the covered application.

How to stow away photos or chronicles to hidder?

Snap the application hider interface show image use the ‘Presentation Module’, incorporate ‘input coordinator name’ to make envelope and select pictures or individual photos, by then snap the extra catch to carry the picture into the made private report.


For instance, uninstall outside the application has been concealed and the Dialer Vault won’t copy the application’s one of a kind data to the proportional application in the Dialer Vault.

Security space and applications clone work

*Cloning the application, Dual App don’t introduce more applications in your gadget, with the goal that keeping your gadget running easily.

* Dual App gives security, leaving no follow in the telephone framework. It can make your private record covered up and can not be seen by others, so your information security is guaranteed and your security is ensured.

Keep different social records signed in at the same time

* Make your own record and work account both on the web, and you can adjust among life and work effectively.

*Social, games and different applications can sign in to the second record in the double application. The getting of various record data and the information in the record don’t meddle with one another.

*Two accounts are online simultaneously, effectively switch between two records, and each record data is overseen freely.

Secure twofold open application data

*Dual App can shroud twofold open application message notice, clients can pick “Show concealed application notices” “Don’t show covered up application notices” and “Warning shows the quantity of notices for covered up applications”

*Not showed in the application switch menu(Opened application have been avoided the recent,are you sure need to show them in later)